Monday, February 7, 2011

Come join our team

We invite you to come to our February 9th meeting (5:30 -7 pm, Wednesday) in the Library.    We are actively planning upcoming events and would WELCOME additional volunteers.

This is an ideal time to jump in and join the fun as we help facilitate the Feb 12th "For Love of Stories" event at the Children's Museum, 5-8pm this Saturday -- a joint fundraiser for the Library Friends and for the Children's Museum.    "Mr. Tim and friends" will be reading storybooks to children.  Would you like to be a story reader?  Or help as a "greeter" just outside the story-reading area?  Or help with craft activities encouraging kids to express their own stories?   Another way to help is to invite your family and friends to buy tickets ($9 in advance, 413-536-KIDS). 

We also invite you to join the Library's FBH team.  What's that?  FBH= The Future Begins Here, a gala event at the Holyoke Mall, May 1, 2011.    All FBH volunteers are invited to a social event Feb 21 at 7pm. Come to our Feb 9th meeting to learn more.
 We hope to see you on Feb 9th.  
  (In event of bad weather, call the Library 322-5640 to see if it is open. If open, we'll be meeting.)

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