Friday, October 5, 2012

Characters at a Cocktail Party

What a party!  The Friends Cocktail/Costume Party on Saturday September 22 was attended by many well-dressed characters, including Lady Macbeth, Belle Skinner, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Dr. Gonzo, Tigger, a Wizard, Reporter Brenda Starr, and several Flappers. 

Thanks especially to party organizer Christine Alger, seen here enjoying the Wine Toss.  (Photo courtesy of Peter Palombella.)  HPLC President Terry Plum thanked the Friends: "The costumes were terrific, and so were the prizes. Excellent work."

The Holyoke Sun published a series of wonderful photographs. See the cover and page 10 of the issue dated September 28 - October 4:

Other photos have been posted on our Facebook page.  See an album taken by "Brenda Starr, Reporter" (a.k.a. Sara Krohn) and another album posted by Jeffrey Byrnes.

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