Monday, September 2, 2013

Friends T-shirts at Block Party

Friends President Tim Damon waved a friendly greeting from the Friends table at the 5th annual Great Holyoke Block Party, Saturday August 31, 2013.  He and Karlene Shea, above, and other Friends volunteers staffing the table during that afternoon wore the green "Friends of the Holyoke Public Library" t-shirts.

Even the bear wore a t-shirt, helping us promote the library and the Friends.

For the first time, we began offering these shirts for sale. Last year, when Christine Alger ordered these shirts for board members and volunteers, she acquired extras in various sizes. We decided to sell these extras @ $15 each and, if demand warrants, re-order a supply to sell along with our other fund-raising merchandise (e.g., the holiday ornaments, and the Holyoke afghan). 

The logo on the shirt was designed by Donna DiCarlo of DiCarlo Studios in Holyoke, closely matching the logo she designed for the new Library. The shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Sizes S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.  

Here's Dick Coleman (above), long-time Friend of the Library, sporting his new shirt.  And Michael Baron wore one as he helped staff the Library's table at the Block Party:

Many people came to these library tables and gathered information, especially about the NEW library. The construction phase has finished; the moving-in phase is just beginning.  Excitement is high as we eagerly await the re-opening, expected in one month.

Meanwhile, we had a good time at the Block Party. We sold t-shirts and hopefully made some new friends as well.  Karlene, Tim, and Brittney packed up the tent at the end of the afternoon.  For more photos of the Block Party, see Sandy Ward's album,  the Facebook event page, and MassLive photo gallery.


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