Monday, December 7, 2015

Ornaments for sale

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These historical Holyoke ornaments designed by the Friends of the Library are for sale at the Holyoke Public Library.  Prices are $14 (top row) and $18 (ones with red ribbons).

Each brass ornament (top row) is finished with 24k gold and comes in a velour holder with a brief description of the significant Holyoke building or scene depicted. From L to R above you can see the Holyoke Opera House, Scott Tower, the Library, Holyoke City Hall, and the Elizur Holyoke car of the Holyoke Street Railway. We also have the Holyoke Dam.

The colorful ornament on the bottom row shows one of the stained glass windows in City Hall (1876). It comes in a box with a description of its history.  The silvery ornament celebrates the Holyoke Train Station (designed by famous architect H.H. Richardson).

You can see additional Friends merchandise, including the popular Holyoke Tapestry Afghan ($50) and several historic books ($20 each), displayed near the Circulation Desk in the Library. Come shop for gifts in the library!  Members of the Friends will be on hand at certain hours in this holiday season, but at any time the staff at the Circulation Desk can assist you in purchasing these specials items.  Proceeds of the sales benefit the Friends of the Library.  Thank you!


  1. Nice assortment of collectible for holiday giving mot for any occasion, and reasonably priced! Michael Baron

    1. excuse the typos, Michael Baron - these are wonderful and unique items with profits helping the Holyoke Public Library