Monday, February 22, 2016

Pledge fully paid!

At the Friends of the Library board meeting tonight, our treasurer wrote a check for $6,273 to make the final payment of our pledge to the Capital Campaign. We posed for some photos as we handed the check to Roxann Callender, HPLC Liaison to the Friends, and Andrew Parker, HPLC Financial Manager.

From left to right, in photo above, are five current officers of the Friends:  Elizabeth Veillette (Secretary), Barbara Raines (Treasurer), Sandy Ward (President), Dottie Blain Hamel (Corresponding Secretary) and Kate Kruckemeyer (Vice President), with HPLC Board member Roxann Callendar and Financial Manager Andrew Parker at right.

We smiled and applauded, and poised for a few photos of this significant milestone in our history of our support for the Holyoke Public Library.

Posing in front of publicity photo of our original pledge made in 2009.

We are delighted to have completed all the payments towards our $100,000 pledge to the Capital Campaign.  We are proud to have helped in the creation of "The Library for the 21st Century."  A formal plaque recognizing our donation can be seen in the Children's Room (Level 2 of the new addition); you will find it at the entrance to the Activities room. We are the donors of the "Storytelling Area" there.

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