Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016 Dues

Thank you to Friends who have renewed memberships for 2016.  We are happy to see the remittance envelopes in our mailbox:

The pile of mail you see in this photo yielded $850 in dues. THANK YOU!

We much appreciate the generosity of Friends who choose to contribute at levels well above the minimum $10 rate. We are glad, too, to have Friends members contribute $10, indicating a desire to stay on our mailing list and be a Friend.

Not visible in the photo are renewals arriving via PayPal (the DONATE button on this page).   If you are reading this page and didn't recently receive a letter from us, you may use that button to send in dues ($10, or above) and inform us of your current address.

We are using a new system for tracking memberships, and have had some delays in getting everything set up.  No formal request for dues was sent out in 2014/15, so we may not have your current contact information. We voted in 2015/16 to change the renewal cycle to calendar year – simpler to understand and remember. Dues paid now will cover the membership period January-December 2016.

Our letter requesting 2016 dues was dated February 29 and mailed late that day. Our membership chair, Pattie Lumbra, began processing the renewals on March 9. We look forward to receiving more renewals in our mailbox in the coming days and weeks.

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